Can I bet at my favourite sportsbook or casino from my mobile phone – Free Football Betting Offers

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Currently, whatever is connected to the Internet is slowly shifted to the mobile phones and tablets, and over 30% of the Internet traffic is thanks to them. Therefore, the inevitable question arises whether you can bet on your favorite sports betting, poker or casino through your mobile phone and tablet.

 mobile_iphone_casino-4962443Don’t worry about it. For quite some time now online bookmakers and casinos offer mobile versions of their websites and some of them, have been specifically designed for gamblers who use the Android or iPhone/iPad on their mobile devices.

 In the mobile versions of your favorite online bookmaker you will find well-known ways how to deposit and withdraw money, including how to use a credit or debit card and other payment services. The rules are the same as for regular depositing or withdrawing money through the Internet.

 In the case where you lose your mobile phone or it has been stolen, your password (or PIN code) will protect your account, but still it’s better to change it the next time you visit the website.

 If it happens that during a game at a casino or an In-Play betting you lose network coverage or you receive an incoming call, most often you will simply have to reopen the game in order to continue from where you switched off, and the profits will be automatically added to your account.

 If you are a sports fan you need to know that with some bookmakers, such as xxx365, you can now watch free sports directly on your mobile phone, iPhone, iPad or Android, e.g. football, tennis, basketball, cricket, darts, snooker and squash. In order to do so you must be registered with them and have minimum funds in your account.

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