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3rd of January 2012 11:00 AM

In the last decade we have become witnesses of a real boom in the popularization of poker all over the world, new and yet younger players hold the winnings records for the years gone. Probably the greatest contribution in this equation has the online poker giving access to millions of players to gambling tables with real dough.

Still though the first steps which each player has to make in the world of poker are to play tens and hundreds of poker games without laying any real money so that he gets the possibility to familiarize with the game and develop the necessary skills to be successful.

All the same when you do the transition from the game among friends and that for fun to the game with real dough, the situation inevitably changes. Very experienced players, who usually are concentrated on the dynamics of the game and the betting strategies, sometimes get blocked when it comes to playing with real cash and start playing timidly losing a great part of the potential of their beneficial hands. For example, here are two of the most commonly spread similar situations and the steps to deal with them.

Do not limit yourself only to one single bet in continuation. In the games with real dough if you make a raise pre-flop, and after you make only a single bet at flop, you are for sure to be left without any chips. At flop you can get a call with a very wide range and this should not discourage you. In poker the one who is not an aggressor will be attacked and the rivals, who see hesitation or interruption in your bets, will try to take advantage of it.  Success depends not only on the strength of the hand but on the initiative as well. It is true though that you have to take in careful consideration what bet you raise and the position on which you place it. Do not hesitate and be aggressive when you have a beneficial hand.

Cut off the limpers! A basic rule in poker with dough is to play as many pots as possible from a good position against weak rivals. If a beginner player gives a limp from an early position and all the rest before you give a fold, then it is almost compulsory to play a raise and cut him off.

Another common tactic error is to make a limp behind that is to give only a call to big blind or fold with an averagely beneficial hand. One player has already demonstrated this weakness making an imping in an early position. Therefore take advantage of the situation and take the initiative. There is a great chance that he gives a fold to your raise. Thus cut off the limpers more often and you will have all the chances your winnings to increase.



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